Tanjung Tinggi Belitung Beach

Tanjung Tinggi Belitung Beach Beware of Jellyfish Attack Bangka Belitung Island has a number of very charming beaches. Many domestic and foreign tourists take turns visiting tourist destinations on the island. One of the favorite tourist destinations on the island is Tanjung Tinggi Belitung Beach. This tourist destination is flanked by two other beach tourism […]

Belitung Tanjung Pendam Beach

Belitung Tanjung Pendam Beach Bangka Belitung Islands is an area that skyrocketed as the State of Laskar Pelangi, famous for the beauty of its beach tourist destinations. As Tanjung Pendam Belitung Beach which is a favorite beach tourist destination in the Bangka Belitung Islands. This beach panorama is very charming and always manages to lure […]

Tanjung Pandang Belitung Museum and Zoo

Tanjung Pandang Belitung Museum and Zoo It is incomplete to visit the Belitung Islands without stopping by the Tanjung Pandang Belitung Museum and Zoo. This tourist destination will provide tourists with information about the history and culture of Belitung and its people. Educational tours like this are always interesting. Moreover, Belitung is one of the […]

Tanjung Kelayang Belitung Beach

Tanjung Kelayang Belitung Beach (A Beautiful Ornament in the Formation of Granite Stones) There is no end to Indonesia presents the beauty of beach tourism. This time it came from Belitung. The phenomenal area with the Laskar Pelangi story is also very phenomenal giving the panoramic beauty of its beaches. Tanjung Kelayang Belitung Beach is […]