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Belitung Tanjung Pendam Beach

Bangka Belitung Islands is an area that skyrocketed as the State of Laskar Pelangi, famous for the beauty of its beach tourist destinations. As Tanjung Pendam Belitung Beach which is a favorite beach tourist destination in the Bangka Belitung Islands. This beach panorama is very charming and always manages to lure tourists to travel.

Remarkably, Tanjung Pendam Belitung Beach is not like other tourist destinations that have a coastline. This beach is actually built walls to withstand coastal water abrasion. Even so, this beach actually becomes a favorite of tourists. Maybe because it is located closest to the capital or because of the amazing sunset charm. Then what is Tanjung Pendam Belitung Beach like? Following the review.

Charming sunset panorama

Belitung Tanjung Pendam Beach is right west, so that the charming beach panorama in the form of sunset becomes the most favored thing. Especially from other beaches in Belitung. The conditions of the small waves make tourists enjoy the sound with the atmosphere of the evening more beautiful. Especially by relaxing on the pavilion benches provided around the beach increasingly makes tourists feel at home for long. Tourists can also see the beauty of Pulai Kalimua which is located in the middle of Tanjung Pendam Beach.

Today’s Fun Tourism

Not only served by a charming beach view, apparently Tanjung Pendam Belitung Beach offers a variety of current tourism activities. On this beach, tourists can see the organization of typical Belitung art events. On this beach there are also galleries of paintings, handicrafts and typical Belitung souvenirs that can be seen around the beach. In addition, tourists also have the opportunity to taste typical Belitung culinary delights such as Gangan and other sea food menus with live music.

Tanjung Pendam Belitung Beach Location

Tanjung Pendam Belitung Beach is located closest to the city of Tanjung Pandan or precisely located in the center of the city of Tanjung Pandan, Bangka Belitung Islands. Access to the beach is very easy. Facilities for tourists are also very complete.

Thus a review of Tanjung Pendam Belitung Beach. It is recommended that tourists come a few hours before dusk to get the most appropriate spot to sit. Travelers who have allergies to the sea food menu are expected to bring along allergic medicines when traveling to guard against unwanted things. In addition to business travel, Belitung tour packages are available that we offer through Order your holiday package immediately.

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