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Tanjung Pandang Belitung Museum and Zoo

It is incomplete to visit the Belitung Islands without stopping by the Tanjung Pandang Belitung Museum and Zoo. This tourist destination will provide tourists with information about the history and culture of Belitung and its people. Educational tours like this are always interesting. Moreover, Belitung is one of the areas designated by the government as a tourism-based Special Economic Zone (KEK). Of course, exploring the journey of Belitung’s development time was very fun.

The Tourism Museum and Tanjung Pandang Belitung Zoo keeps many collections such as old ceramic items, items made of copper and brass, traditional weapons of the Belitung people, preserved fish and other animals, as well as previous shipwrecks And many others. In addition, in the area behind the tourist area there is a mini zoo with a crocodile cage which is often a favorite of domestic tourists. Check out the following review.

Enjoy the History of Belitung Tin Mining from the Museum

The Tanjung Pandang Belitung Museum and Zoo is in the old building of the former NV Billiton Maatschappij office and was once the residence of the Belitung Tin Mining Head. As an area famous for tin mining, this museum has a Tin Inscription made on the surface of granite. Besides the inscription there is a steel dredger bowl with a diameter of 97 cm and a thickness of 5 cm. In addition, there are Locomobil made of steel and two statues of lions from Captain A’s residence.

Educational Tour While Playing

Tanjung Pandang Belitung Museum and Zoo does look small from the outside. But apparently the area of ‚Äč‚Äčthis tourist area reaches 2 hectares and overgrown with many shady trees that create a cool and beautiful atmosphere. This tourist area has a backyard of the museum which is equipped with a playground, stalls and mini zoo. This mini zoo is inhabited by various animals such as poultry, snakes and crocodiles that become icons of the film Laskar Pelangi.

Location of Tanjung Pandang Belitung Museum and Zoo

This tour is located at Jalan Melati number 41A, Tanjung Pandang, Belitung, Bangka Belitung Islands. The location of this tourist location is quite strategic and easy to reach by tourists.

Thus a review of the Tanjung Pandang Belitung Museum and Zoo. It is recommended that tourists be careful when searching for collections in the museum. Tourists must also pay attention to safety when in the zoo and playground area. Now, to facilitate your trip through Tanjung Pandang, choose our Belitung tour package at Yuk Ngetrip.

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