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Tanjung Tinggi Belitung Beach

Beware of Jellyfish Attack

Bangka Belitung Island has a number of very charming beaches. Many domestic and foreign tourists take turns visiting tourist destinations on the island. One of the favorite tourist destinations on the island is Tanjung Tinggi Belitung Beach. This tourist destination is flanked by two other beach tourism destinations, namely Tanjung Kelayang Beach and Tanjung Pendam Beach. Local people also often associate this beach with mystical things like a gathering place for supernatural beings.
Tanjung Tinggi Belitung Beach has a fairly wide area of ‚Äč‚Äčaround 80 hectares. This beach is equipped with soft white sand, clear sea water, dozens of tall and large granite stones and bushes of trees. The beauty of this beach is unmatched. Tourists can also swim to enjoy the clear sea water with the fish. However, tourists must always be aware of the presence of jellyfish because jellyfish can attack at any time. Here are interesting things about Tanjung Tinggi Belitung Beach.

Water Play is Very Fun

Tanjung Tinggi Belitung beach tourism is perfect for tourists to play water. Tourists can feel the calm sea water with small waves. The clear water also gives a pleasant sensation. Even tourists can swim towards the middle of the ocean comfortably. Especially when the weather is sunny, the freshness of sea water can beat the hot sun. In addition, tourists can ride a jetski or canoe while waiting for the arrival of dusk.

Witness the Beauty of the Underwater

There is no more exciting activity than diving at Tanjung Tinggi Beach. There are many plants and sea fish that can be witnessed directly by your eyes. The diversity of colors and shapes become very charming. Especially the Antherinomorus sp fish collection which can directly invade you when diving. Although many of the coral reefs on this beach are in poor condition due to low tide sea water.

Location of Tanjung Tinggi Belitung Beach

Tanjung Tinggi Belitung Beach Tourism is located about 31 kilometers north of the city of Tanjung Pandan in Sijuk District, Belitung Regency, Bangka Belitung Islands. Access to this beach is very easy because it used to be a harbor from local fishing boats.

Such is the interesting thing about Tanjung Tinggi Belitung Beach tourism. In addition, tourists can taste delicious culinary sea food and complete facilities around the tourist attractions. For business trips, you can also take advantage of Belitung tour packages that we offer through

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