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Pura Taman Ayun Bali

Traveling to Bali is certainly very exciting. Because here you are not only presented with the charm of a charming natural landscape, but also other values ​​that you can feel, for example the historical side, local culture, customs, or unique habits of the local community. one of the attractions that have historical and cultural values ​​that you can explore is Pura Taman Ayun Bali.

The location of Pura Taman Ayun Bali

Pura Taman Ayun is part of the tourist island of Bali which is on the Ayodya road, Mengwi, Badung Regency, Bali. This temple can be reached by traveling about 30 minutes from the city of Denpasar

The beauty of Pura Taman Ayun Bali

In Balinese, Ayun means beautiful. Now it is certain that this location is a tourist attraction, which offers visitors with a view of a beautiful park. The temple in this place is surrounded by a pond, which makes it seem like it is floating on the water. This beauty is even more stunning with the growth of flowers around the Taman Ayun Temple area.

The main part of the Taman Ayun Temple cultural tourism site is often used for religious and artistic events. Here you can enjoy the beauty of multistory pagoda-shaped buildings, called Meru. In another part, visitors will be spoiled with the beauty of reliefs, carvings, and the statue of Dewa Nawa Sanga.

What attracts the most interest of tourists when visiting Pura Taman Ayun is the heritage of the Mengwi Kingdom and the Manusa Yadnya Museum. Here you can watch the process of human life starting from the womb until returning to the afterlife.

Tips when going to Pura Taman Ayun

When visiting here you should prepare all the necessities that will be needed while traveling. And don’t forget to always maintain your attitude and ethics, so that your vacation is more enjoyable.

Pura Taman Ayun has beauty and interesting things that you need to explore. You will want to know every detail in this location. If you don’t want to get confused while traveling in Bali, Yuk Ngetrip can be your solution in planning a vacation. Here you can choose the place you want to visit with the tour packages offered. They will handle all your tourism needs well and satisfactorily.

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