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Pura Alun Danu Bratan Bedugul Bali

Besides being famous for its beautiful nature, Bali, which is predominantly Hindu, also offers other uniqueness in terms of culture and historical buildings. One of them is a temple, which is also an amazing tourist attraction. Not only in terms of building architecture or historical value, but also the natural scenery that surrounds the temple area. One of the beautiful temples visited by many tourists is Pura Alun Danu Bratan Bedugul Bali.

Location of Alun Danu Bratan Bedugul Temple in Bali

For those who want to explore the Alun Danu Bratan Bedugul Temple in Bali, you can directly visit the Lake Bratan area in Candikuning Village, Baturiti, Bali. From the city of Denpasar the distance is only 55 kilometers.

The beauty of Pura Alun Danu Bratan Bedugul Bali

Pura Alun Danu Bratan Bedugul Bali is a very interesting and unique tourist attraction. The temple, which was built at an altitude of 1240 above sea level, in the Bedugul mountain area offers a very beautiful view. From above the height, your eyes will be satisfied with the charm of natural beauty that stretches wide, while enjoying the cool air at the temple site.

The beauty of Pura Alun Danu Bratan Bedugul Bali is more perfect with the charm of the scenery that comes from Lake Bratan. This lake landscape will certainly make you more captivated by the natural atmosphere around the temple.

No less interesting is when the sun begins to appear (sunrise). A cool altitude atmosphere covered with thin fog typical of the mountains is an amazing morning view before starting your day.

Tips for Traveling in Alun Danu Bratan Bedugul Bali Temple

The air in the tourist area of ​​Pura Alun Danu Bratan Bedugul Bali is very cold but cool. For those of you who are not accustomed to temperatures at high altitudes, you should use thicker clothes or jackets, so that the moment to enjoy the beauty of nature can run perfectly. Especially in the morning when you want to watch the sunset. And you should arrive early so you can take important moments when the sun slowly appears.

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