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Exploring the Charming Borobudur Temple

Anyone must be very familiar with Borobudur Temple. Because this building is one of the wonders and the largest Buddhist Temple in the world. Every tourist who sets foot in the province of Central Java or Yogyakarta, certainly will not miss the opportunity to be able to visit a temple that is very popular in this world.

Borobudur Temple Location

Borobudur Temple is basically located in the area of ​​Central Java Province, which is the Badrawati Street area, Magelang. However, because it is so close to Yogyakarta, around 40 kilometers, Borobudur Temple is often included in the Yogyakarta tourist itinerary.

The beauty of Borobudur Temple

As a world cultural site, the beauty of Borobudur Temple is undeniable. Therefore this area has always been a favorite place for tourists while on vacation. In addition to witnessing a huge historical building from the life of the masalampau, tourists visiting the Borobudur Temple area will also be presented with the natural beauty around the temple that spoiled the eyes.

You can learn literature from the writing on the walls of the temple which is dominated by stupas and reliefs. A guide will always be ready to translate it for you. The people were not yet familiar with technology, but they were able to build a beautiful temple. Borobudur temple architecture will certainly amaze you.

Not only about temples, here you can enjoy the beauty of the sunrise from the top of Borobudur Temple. But you must be prepared to pay expensive fees, Rp325,000 to enjoy the sunrise package. From the top of the peak, you will be more impressed with the natural beauty around Borobudur Temple. You can freely witness the beauty of Mount Sindora, Sumbing, Merapi, Merbabu, and Menoreh Hill.

In addition, you can do many things, for example riding an elephant around the Borobudur temple area, cycling, buying souvenirs, and also enjoying various local specialties.

Travel Tips to Borobudur Temple

If you don’t want to miss the beauty of the sunrise at the top of Borobudur Temple, then come early in the morning, at least one hour before sunrise. Because this area is very wide, prepare good stamina to explore the Borobudur Temple area.

Considering the expensive sunrise and elephant safari packages in Borobudur, you should choose a Jogja tour package from Yukgetrip. Guaranteed the price of the package that we offer is very affordable and comfortable in the pocket of tourists.

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