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Complete Shopping Center Mustafa Center Singapore

Mustafa Center Singapore is a large building that extends over one block and is the shopping center in Singapore. Various types of merchandise are sold at this shopping center. Among them are medicines, toiletries, soap, perfume. DVDs, electronics, household items and much more. Then, what other facilities can be obtained from the Mustafa Center Singapore shopping center? the following is the review:

Complete and Cheap 24-Hour Shopping Center

Mustafa Center Singapore consists of two different buildings. On the front named Mohamed Mustafa and Samsuddin Co. PTE LTD. While at the back or on Jalan Syed Alwi called Mustafa Center 24 hours. Both buildings sell various kinds of goods, but the most complete and open 24 hours is the Mustafa Center only.

Well, the main attraction of this shopping center is the complete availability of goods. For example, for shaver products, this shop provides several shelves from top to bottom with different brands of products and prices. In addition, various imported products from various countries are also available at this shop. So that buyers can choose products according to their wishes very freely.

Mustafa Center Singapore itself is one of the favorite shopping centers of Indonesians. Usually they will look for various Singaporean souvenirs such as chocolate. souvenirs in the form of key hangings, watches, luggage, clothes, bags, shoes and much more. The price itself is not always cheap, because there are some items that may have higher prices.

Locations and Shopping Tips at Mustafa Center Singapore

This shopping center is located in Little India, 145 Syed Alwi rd, Singapore. This shopping center is open 24 hours with various categories of goods for sale. Among them are antiques & art, electronics, ethnicity, fashion, home furnishings, music, souvenirs, books, health, beauty, antiques.

For those of you who want to shop at Mustafa Center Singapore, you can take advantage of the night, because this shopping center is open 24 hours. So that you can more freely go around looking for the items you need. Well, you can use the afternoon time to find souvenirs or other trinkets.

Don’t forget to ask for a refund GST receipt. If you want to leave goods, there are usually two options, namely entrusted or brought in. When brought in, usually the luggage will be sealed, while if it is deposited you only need to tell the officer the deposit.

That’s a little review about the Mustafa Center Singapore shopping center. And to make your trip as well as your vacation easier. Choose a Singapore tour package at Yuk Ngetrip. You will feel the experience of traveling at the cheapest price.

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