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Traveling in 2.5 kilometers Malioboro Yogyakarta

Every time you hear the word Malioboro, your mind will immediately focus on the city of Yogyakarta. Because Malioboro is one of the popular icons in Yogyakarta. Every tourist will definitely not miss the opportunity to set foot, and satisfy themselves in exploring every corner of Malioboro, Yogyakarta.

Location of Malioboro Yogyakarta

Malioboro is the name of one of the main streets in Yogyakarta. This 2.5-kilometer road stretches from Tugu Yogyakarta – Yogyakarta post office. The exact location is close to the Yogyakarta Palace.


Advantages of Shopping at Malioboro

Malioboro is very well known as a shopping center in Jogja. Because along Malioboro Street, there are many traders who offer various kinds of products that tourists are looking for, ranging from typical Yogyakarta souvenirs, such as bakpia patok and yangko, batik, t-shirts, souvenirs, and various handicrafts from the local community.

Apart from traveling, you can also go on a culinary tour in Malioboro. Because along this road you can find many delicious Yogyakarta specialties, with a blend of traditional aromas. For example, warm, which you must try. Even though here is a shopping and culinary center, the prices are pro-people, you know.

In Malioboro, it is not only related to shopping and eating. You can also do other fun things. Take advantage of Malioboro street to walk through several interesting places, such as: Yogyakarta Palace, Vredeburg Fort, Kidul Square, Zero Kilometer Point, etc. At this location, you can take a historical tour as well as a Javanese cultural tour.

Besides that, of course you can also take pictures at some interesting spots here. especially on the Malioboro Street icon, which is a sign that says Malioboro. But you have to be patient. Because many visitors also want to take pictures here. Traveling in Malioboro is a fun, economical tour. Because many places can be visited and many things can be done in one location.

Shopping Tips at Malioboro Jogja

Tuesday Wage is cleaning day. So you should avoid visiting Malioboro on this day. And if you want to ride a rickshaw or wagon, be smart about negotiating. Because in the holiday season the price is usually very expensive. However, if you don’t want to be bothered when exploring Jogja, you can choose a Jogja tour package at which will direct you to a more comfortable choice of places.

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