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The charm of Marina Bay Sands Singapore that you can’t miss

Marina Bay Sands Singapore is a new tourist attraction in the form of a resort complex. Where in the resort there are hotels, theaters, casinos, restaurants, art halls, malls, parks and night clubs. The characteristics of this building are like a boat which sits on top of three supporting buildings. The following are fun and activities that tourists can enjoy:

Comfort Stay at Marina Bay Sands Hotel

Marina Bay Sands Hotel is a 5-star hotel that has 2561 rooms and 3 towers that are directly facing the city center. In addition, on the top floor there is a coup that presents three facilities. Namely a restaurant with world flavors, a Club Lounge with a bar and dance floor, as well as a Poolside Terrace where guests at the pool can enjoy a drink.

Enjoy the Beautiful Views of Singapore at Marina Bay Sands Sky Park

Well, tourists who don’t want to stay at Marina Bay Sands Hotel can still enjoy the beauty of Marina Bay Sands by paying a ticket to go up to the building.

Play a wide variety of casino games

Marina Bay Sands Singapore also provides a very beautiful casino with complete facilities. This casino consists of 4 floors, of which 2 floors are open to the public and the other 2 floors are exclusively for VIP customers.

Visit the Art Science Museum, Sands and the Grand Theater

Right in front of Marina Bay Sands Hotel is a museum shaped like a lotus flower surrounded by a beautiful pond. This museum always exhibits a different theme every day. Apart from the museum, tourists can also visit the Sands Theater and the Grand Theater.

Enjoying Various Other Facilities

Marina Bay Sands Singapore is also equipped with a luxury shopping center with outlets of famous brands. There is also a restaurant located on the lowest floor. On the other side of this building, there is also a food court called “Rasapura Masters”.

Near the Food Court, there is an Ice Skating ride that can be used by tourists. And at night tourists can watch the laser show right in front of Marina Bay Sands.

Location and Access to Marina Bay Sands

This attraction is located at 10 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore. To get there, tourists can use the MRT circle line and get off at Bayfront Station. Marina Bay Sands can be the right choice to spend a vacation.

Those are some reviews about Marina Bay Sands Singapore, I hope the information above can help. To expedite your vacation, you should choose the right tour package, one of which is Yuk Ngetrip. Then, choose a Singapore tour package and get attractive offers and facilities.

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