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Lombok Raja Narmada Park Tour, The King’s Natural Baths

Lombok is apparently not only recognized for its beautiful maritime charm. There is also natural beauty in Lombok which must be a tourist destination. Call it the King Narmada Lombok Park. Taman Raja Narmada is very closely related to the history of the kingdom that once existed in Lombok. In 1727, Raja Narmada Park was built by Raja Anak Agung Ngurah Karangasem. This park was built as a miniature of the natural beauty of Mount Rinjani.

It is said that he said, Taman Raja Narmada was intended for ritual sacrifice (pekelem) and celebration of caka year on the fifth full moon. Many areas in Raja Narmada Park can be visited by tourists such as twin ponds, bracelet or paduraksa gates, objections to temples, exhibition halls and loji halls. Then what are the attractions of the Raja Narmada Lombok Park? See the following reviews.


Natural Baths for the King

Raja Narmada Lombok Park was built to resemble Mount Rinjani. Included in it are three ponds as a replica of Segara Anak, which is a lake in the peak crater of Rinjani. This pool is fed by clear springs like a lake. The source of the water contained in the pond comes from the spring of Mount Rinjani. The local people believe that this pool water has the merit of making someone stay young. Even this pool water is believed to be a bathing place for the King. Tourists can try this pool water by drinking or washing their face with the water.

Photo hunting is always fun

Apart from being a bathing location, Taman Raja Narmada Lombok has many fun photo spots. Tourists can take pictures at a temple called Pura Kalasa which is located in the upper garden. Tourists can also take pictures on dozens of steps, a natural atmosphere in the form of shady trees and a natural pool with clear water. There are also other spots such as twin lakes, bracelet or paduraksa gates, refute temples, exhibition halls and loji halls and bright halls that can add to tourist photo hunting.

Location of Raja Narmada Lombok Park

The location of Raja Narmada Lombok Park is in the western part of Lombok Island, specifically Lembuak Village, Narmada District, West Lombok Regency, West Nusa Tenggara. You can easily find this location.

This review about Taman Raja Narmada Lombok can be a reference before you go on a tour. We recommend that tourists always be polite and keep the park clean. To make it easier during your trip, we have provided Lombok tour packages on the service. Let’s get it!

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