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Kuta Mandalika Beach Lombok Tourism, Marine Tourism with Family

Kuta Beach always reminds tourists of the charm of one of the beaches in Bali. However, it turns out that there is a second Kuta Beach on Lombok. Kuta is one of the names of the area on the south coast of Lombok Island. Kuta Beach Lombok is known for its clear sea water and friendly waves. The stretch of white sand and calm waves are very suitable as a marine tourism destination with family.

Tourists can see the beautiful underwater scenery from above the clear water surface. Even Kuta Beach Lombok provides a variety of water activities such as swimming, jetskiing, snorkeling and banana boat rides. This beach also has a hill called Bukit Mandalika which is easy to reach to see all the beauty of Kuta Beach Lombok from above. What’s the excitement of Kuta Beach Lombok? Check out the reviews as follows.


Enjoy the Panoramic Beauty of Kuta Beach Lombok

Just west of Kuta Beach Lombok stretches Mandalika Hill. The name Mandalika Hill comes from the ancient folklore of local residents. This story is about a daughter named Mandalika. It is said that Princess Mandalika jumped into the sea from the top of a hill to avoid the pursuit of a prince who wanted to marry her. The top of this hill is the best spot to enjoy the beauty of Kuta Beach Lombok. From the top of the hill, tourists can see clusters of coral reefs, clear sea water and boisterous tourists doing water activities on the beach.

Playing Water Must Be Fun

Kuta Beach Lombok provides comfortable traveling for all ages. Various water play activities can be done there. The conditions of the sand, sea water and waves are very supportive for having fun playing water, especially for children. Don’t worry about drowning because the waves are quite calm. In addition, many agents provide water games such as snorkeling, jetskiing, banana boat and surfing. Tourists can also feel the washing of the water on the shore by walking along the coastline while enjoying the breeze and beautiful coastal views.

Lombok Kuta Beach Tourism Location

The location of Kuta Lombok Beach is on the southern coast of Lombok Island. It is located in the village of Kuta, Pujut District, Central Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. Access to this beach is very easy, considering that this beach is well known.

The review above about Kuta Beach Lombok can be a reference for tourists visiting Kuta Beach Lombok. We recommend that tourists always maintain the beauty and cleanliness of the beach area. Interested in having a vacation to Lombok? Take advantage of Lombok tour packages on services to make your trip more comfortable.

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