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Who does not know the Ijen Banyuwangi Crater? A natural tourist area in the form of a lake that is above Mount Ijen. Puddle of water in this crater looks very amazing. So that many tourists, both foreign and local interested, to visit this active volcano tourism area.

Ijen Crater Location

The tourism object of Ijen Crater is at the eastern end of East Java Province. The location is between Bondowosa Regency and Banyuwangi Regency.

The beauty of the Ijen Banyuwangi Crater

Although Ijen Crater is one of the craters with the largest acidity level in the world, which means that within seconds can crush the human body, but the charm of the beauty of the crater and its natural surroundings cannot be rejected by anyone. No wonder so many tourists come to this place.

Ijen Banyuwangi Crater Lake which has bluish green water surrounded by sulfur fog around it, is an amazing sight. Besides enjoying the sunrise is something special if witnessed from the top of the Ijen Crater. You will feel the extraordinary exotic nuance of nature, as the golden rays of the sun bounce through the fog, into the greenish-blue Ijen Crater.

In the Ijen Crater plateau, you can also see the beauty of typical highland plants that live here, namely edelweiss flowers and mountain fir. Around the slope grows the Manisrejo tree with reddish leaves. The natural scenery is certainly very impressive, plus the distinctive color of the crater walls that increasingly make the beautiful scenery around the Ijen Crater.

The most phenomenal attraction, which of course you should not miss while in Ijen Crater is the appearance of bursts of blue fire (blue fire) from the crater. This fire arises in the midst of sulfur mining, which can only be seen at dawn until dawn. And these natural phenomena are only two in the world, in Ijen Crater and in Iceland.

Travel Tips in Ijen Banyuwangi Crater

To be able to enjoy the beauty of Ijen Crater, you have to climb as far as 3 kilometers. For this reason, prepare yourself and provide enough food. Don’t forget to bring a mask, warm clothes and medicines. Avoid climbing during the rainy season because the road will be slippery of course.

And last but not least, urinate and defecate first before climbing. Because above you will not find public toilets. Furthermore, choose Banyuwangi tour packages to visit Ijen Crater. Our service at Yuk Ngetrip is perfect for guiding your trip because it is handled by experienced personnel.

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