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Gili Air Lombok Beach

Not the name of Lombok if it can not spoil the eyes of tourists, especially in matters of marine tourism. Lombok Island has a coastline with lots of beauty in the charm of its beach tourist destinations. Like the Gili Air Beach in Lombok which is able to provide an exciting sensation of unforgettable underwater scenery. Gili Air Beach is indeed famous as a water park. There are many great diving and snorkeling spots to see sea animals and other marine plants.

Gili Air Beach is often called by the name Middle Air by local residents. The meaning of the name is in the middle of the sea. Gili Air Beach will be visited by domestic and foreign tourists in July to August. A favorite activity of tourists, especially foreign tourists, is snorkeling or diving. How is the excitement of traveling on Gili Air Beach in Lombok? Following the review.

The Underwater Scenery Must Be Amazing

Some spots on Gili Air Beach offer amazing underwater views. One of the favorite tourist areas is in the eastern part of Gili Air. Diving and snorkeling activities carried out by tourists will be accompanied by a horde of colorful reef fish. There are at least 5 favorite spots that offer amazing underwater views, namely Air Wall, Air Slope, Frogfish Point, Segaluh and Malang Reef. At the Air Wall spot, tourists can enjoy a cluster of coral reefs stretching like a wall with Seahorses and Turtles that swim coolly.

Enjoy the Beauty of the Beach View

Not only underwater scenery, Gili Air Beach also offers beautiful views over the sea. Tourists can surf and swim on the beach. In addition, tourists can also wander around the shores of the beach by walking, jogging or cycling using the rented Cidomo. Gili Air Beach provides a path for these activities with a row of tropical plants as a fence and a pleasant beach breeze.

Gili Air Lombok Beach Location

The tourist location of Gili Air Beach in Lombok is on the west coast of Lombok Island, precisely in the village of Gili Indah, subdistrict of Winner, North Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. Tourists can use a motorboat to get to the location.

Thus a brief discussion of the Gili Air Beach Lombok. It is recommended that tourists always maintain the beauty and cleanliness and politeness while in the beach area. Always use sunscreen. For the convenience of your trip, we have provided Lombok tour packages at the service. Check it out!

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