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Garden By the Bay Singapore

(Amazing Beauty of the Avatar Garden)

Parks in the Bay of Singapore are tourist attractions that consist of parks that offer beautiful green views. This tourism object is often hunted by foreign tourists, including Indonesia.

Overall Singapore’s Garden by the Bay is divided into three main zones. Namely Flower Dome, Cloud Forest, and Supertree Forest. Lots of excitement that can be enjoyed by tourists in this attraction. Then, what are those?

Witness a Variety of Flowers at the Flower Dome

Flower Dome is a dome-shaped building that contains various types of flowers from various countries in the World. Flower Dome has cool, comfortable temperatures as a climbing style. In the greenhouse often held various photography events and flower exhibitions.

Enjoy the Beauty of the Waterfall in the Cloud Forest Dome

This Cloud Forest Greenhouse presents the beauty of its soothing waterfalls. This is in accordance with the theme of the tropical forest it carries. After seeing the artificial waterfall, tourists can go to The Lost World by riding the elevator.

At the top of the terraces of the Lost World, tourists can see the uniqueness and beauty of the amethyst garden. From here too, the Marina Bay Pasir building clearly stands tall. Once satisfied, tourists can go down through the overpass that surrounds the building.

In addition to the Lost World, tourists can also see the Climate Theater and 5 Degrees C. In the theater, tourists can see films about the changes that will occur if geothermal is more than 5 degrees. As well as disasters that may occur in the future.

Feel the Excitement in Supertree Grove

Supertree Grove is a medium for plants that have a height of 22 meters-50 meters. Besides this building is used as a rainwater reservoir which is then used to water the plants.

In addition, there is also a suspension bridge called the OBCB Skywalk. To pass it, tourists must pay money first and then go up the tree using the elevator. Visitors can also see a free concert, with the beauty of the changing color of the Avatar tree as well as the twinkling twigs that adjust the song.

Location and Garden Opening Hours on the Bay of Singapore

This tourist spot is located at 18 Marina Gardens Dr, Singapore. Meanwhile, to enjoy the beauty of Supertree Grove, tourists can come at 05.00-02.00 morning. And for Cloud Forest & Flower Dome, it opens at 09.00-21.00 at night.

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