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Exciting Travel on Sentosa Island Singapore

Sentosa Island Singapore is a tourist attraction in the form of an artificial island which is located separately from the main island of Singapore. In this tourist attraction, tourists can enjoy various amusement rides such as beaches, hotels, restaurants, shopping places, spas and so on. Then, what other excitement can tourists enjoy on Sentosa Island Singapore? the following is the explanation:

Best Photo Spot in front of Bola Dunia Universal Studio Singapore

What most tourists almost like is taking photos. Well, at Sentosa Island Singapore, tourists can take photos in front of Bola Dunia Universal Studio without having to enter and visit the studio. Besides Bola Dunia Universal Studio, tourists can also take photos at the Korean cafe Insadoeng Town.

Watch Animatronic Show at Crane Dance

Sentosa Island Singapore also offers free shows that all tourists can watch. This Animatronic Show at the Waterfront tells the story of a pair of birds dancing in the wild.

A story about the power of love possessed by a pair of Mechanical Geese, when they first met until they fell in love. Under the night sky, mechanical geese will dance to romantic music. A beautiful and riveting show. Then at the end of the event, it will be closed with water games and fireworks.

Stunning Fountain Show at Lake of Dream

Apart from animatronic shows, tourists can also watch fire, water and light shows that are displayed simultaneously. This show can be a fun day ending for tourists. Well, this water, fire and light show was designed by Jeremy Railton.

Enjoying the beauty of white sand on Silosa Beach

An activity that is no less fun is spending time at Silosa Beach. On this beach, tourists can swim, sunbathe, play volleyball, or even rent a bicycle to get around the beach. Well, tourists who like modern games can also try the Segway game. Namely a two-wheeled vehicle that does not have a seat.

Location and Tips for Visiting Sentosa Island Singapore

This tourist attraction is located at 39 Artillery Avenue, Singapore. If you want to visit Sentosa Island Singapore to watch an animatronic show, come every day at 20.00. Meanwhile, to see the water, fire and light show come at 21.30. However, if you are tired, it’s better to rest, because this show ends late at night.

Well, that’s some information about Sentosa Island Singapore that you can visit. Meanwhile, to simplify and streamline your vacation, choose the Singapore tour package that we provide at Yuk Ngetrip. Have a good vacation.

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