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Esplanade, Theaters on the Bay Singapore

Esplanade Singapore is the largest performing arts center building in Singapore which caters to all people. In addition, the Singapore Esplanade is a twin building which is often referred to as the “Durian Building” or “Mata Lalat”. This is because the structure of the sharp roof resembles durian skin and when viewed from a distance the building looks like a fly’s eye.

Esplanade Singapore was officially opened to the public on October 12, 2002. This building is usually used for world concerts of various musical genres. As well as art performances in the form of dance or theater arts in various languages.

Magnificent Show at the Esplanade Theater Building

The Theater Building is one of the main buildings on the Singapore Esplanade. Inside this building, tourists can enjoy the show very clearly. This is because this traditional European-style building provides a close-up setting.

Great Music at the Cocert Hall Esplanade

The second building that is no less interesting is the Concert Hall. This building that shows its elegant side is equipped with art acoustic features that include an echo chamber and an acoustic canopy.

Its Comfortable Forecourt and Concourse

The forecourt is a courtyard that serves as an outdoor meeting place. Meanwhile, Concourse is a meeting point room which is equipped with various kinds of simple performances.

Delightful Courtyard and Outdoor Theater Esplanade

After getting tired of enjoying the beauty of Esplanade Singapore, tourists can take a short break at the Courtyard while enjoying an appetizing meal. In addition, every Saturday, there will be a free concert in front of the Esplanade or commonly known as the Theater on the Bay.

Visual Arts Space and Esplanade Library

Visual Ats Space is a special room for exhibitions of local and international works. This room is located on the second floor, while on the third floor there is a library which provides information about performing arts.

Location and Access to the Singapore Esplanade

Espalane Singapore is located on Waterfront land or between Raffles Avenue and Esplanade Drive. The Esplanade is open Monday-Friday 10.00-20.00 and on Saturdays 11.00-20.00. To get to the location, tourists can use the MRT, bus, or ferry.

Tips for Visiting Esplanade Singapore

When visiting Espalane Singapore, try not to smoke at the venue. Turn off the cell phone or mute it. New arrivals will be allowed to enter during the break. And children under 6 years are not allowed to enter except with certain policies.

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