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Cultural Tourism in the Yogyakarta Palace

Yogyakarta City is not only known as a tourist city. But Yogyakarta is also a city that has thick cultural values. In this city of the Sultan Hamengkubuwono, you will see that the customs and culture of the Javanese people are still well preserved, despite being in the midst of modernization. One of the manifestations you can see when you visit the Yogyakarta Palace.

Yogyakarta Palace Location

Yogyakarta Sultanate Palace is located on Jalan Alun-Alun Utara, Panembahan Keraton, Special Region of Yogyakarta. The location is very easy to reach, and is only 50 meters from Jalan Malioboro.

The beauty of the Yogyakarta Palace

The Yogyakarta Palace is a magnificent palace of Javanese origin, where the Sultan of Yogyakarta and his family live. But this palace is also functioned as a tourist spot for tourists who come to Yogyakarta. Anyone can enter the palace area, as long as they obey the palace rules and of course be polite and dress.

Traveling to Yogyakarta Palace will provide a unique and memorable tour experience. Here you will get to know more about Javanese culture, the lives of the courtiers, and a closer look at the king’s collection of ancient objects such as: heirlooms, paintings, gamelan, and other valuable objects.

Various art performances and processions of the Palace are often held at the Yogyakarta Palace. You certainly also have the opportunity to watch these performances, such as traditional ceremonies, puppet shows, and grebek. Inside the palace complex, various beautiful Yogyakarta special batik is stored. when entering the storage area, you will find an old well whose base is filled with hope coins.

Travel Tips to Yogyakarta Palace

The Yogyakarta Palace is the center of Javanese culture with its values ​​of politeness, so be kind. If you want to watch a rare performance, which is the Mataraman archery contest, where participants dress in traditional costumes, and release arrows in a sitting position, then come to the Yogyakarta Palace on Tuesday Wage. This show will certainly complement your cultural tourism in Yogyakarta.

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