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Banyuwangi G-Land Beach

the Best Waves in South East Asia

As the name suggests, Banyuwangi does save the beauty of maritime tourism that is extraordinary. Awarded the long coastline, Banyuwangi has many beach tourism destinations. One of them is Banyuwangi G-Land Beach. This tourist destination is often also called Plengkung beach. G-Land Beach is a unique tourist destination because of its appearance from aerial photographs forming the letter G. In addition, this beach is also directly facing the Indian Ocean and bordering the island of Bali. As a result, the waves at G-Land are very large and rolling.

Banyuwangi G-Land Beach is visited by many foreign tourists, especially those who like surfing. Even the G-Land is staying has the best waves in Southeast Asia. Another achievement that should also be taken into account, apparently G-Land has many other water activity spots such as diving, snorkeling and fishing. So what are the attractions of Banyuwangi G-Land Beach? Here is the review.

Exciting Surfing For Professional Surfers

The big, rolling waves make G-Land an excellent place for surfing. The height of the waves can even reach 8 meters. This is very suitable to attract the interest of professional surfers. And, considered high risk for beginner and amateur surfers. So, it is very natural that the Banyuwangi G-Land Beach is loved by foreign tourists, especially professional surfers who crave the sensation of other challenges in surfing.

Exciting Water Tours For All Visitors

Not only promises fun for professional surfers, G-Land remains a mandatory tourist destination for all visitors. Apparently, G-Land offers exotic views of the beach which is very beautiful. Tourists can browse the beach shores. In addition, tourists can also take the boat that will bring to witness the way surfers act on the waves more closely. As part of the Alas Purwo National Park area, G-Land also provides other water tourism spots such as snorkeling, diving, fishing and caving as well as turtle breeding sites.

Location of Banyuwangi G-Land Beach

Banyuwangi G-Land Beach is located in Kalipait Village, Tegaldlimo District, Banyuwangi Regency, East Java. The location is indeed still difficult to access. From the city center of Banyuwangi, it is about 85 kilometers via the Kalipait route and then to Pasaranyar-Trianggulasi-Pancur-Plengkung Beach.

That’s the review of Banyuwangi G-Land Beach. In addition, if you bring your family, especially children, you must always keep them under surveillance. Tourists must also always maintain the cleanliness of the tourist area and be polite to the local community. For business tour packages, you can choose the Banyuwangi tour packages that we provide at

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