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Merlion Park Singapore

Merlion Park Singapore is a park as well as a tourist attraction in Singapore that is most visited by tourists. At that location there is a Merlion Statue which is also a symbol of the State of Singapore. From the Merlion Statue tourists can see the fountain that falls right at the mouth of the Singapore River.

The Merlion statue itself was designed in 1964 by Mr. Fraser Brunner is a souvenir committee member and curator at the Van Kleef Aquarium. The Merlion statue is symbolized by the head shaped by a lion and its body is shaped like a fish. The Lion Head symbol is interpreted as a reflection of the State itself. While the body of the fish symbolizes the origins of the simple Singapore State as a fishing village.

While the construction of the Merlion Statue at Merlion Park Singapore was carried out by Lim Nang Seng as a local craftsman, with a height of 8.6 meters and a weight of 70 tons. Then it was inaugurated by Minister Lee Kuan Yew on September 15, 1972.

Enjoy the Beauty of Marlion Park Singapore at night

The beauty offered by Merlion Park Singapore is very charming. Therefore a lot of foreign and local tourists who take the time to visit, is no exception at night. As night approaches, tourists can see lasers from Marina Bay Sands as well as romantic city lights.

Best Photo Spots with Singapore State Icons

It feels like a mandatory law for tourists to visit Marlion Park. At these locations, tourists can take photos with various styles to the satisfaction of setting the gallant Merlion Statue.

Location of the Merlion Statue in Singapore’s Merlion Park

Previously, the Merlion Statue was located opposite Elizabeth Walk and right in front of the Singapore River. However, currently the location has been relocated as far as 120 meters from the initial location. Or rather facing Marina Bay and in front of the Fullerton Hotel.

How to get to Marlion Park Singapore

To arrive at Marlion Park Singapore, tourists can use two alternatives, take the MRT and use the bus from Buggis Street or take the bus stop in front of Bugis Junction.

Tips on Visiting Merlion Park Singapore

For the sake of a pleasant vacation, it is recommended for every tourist to visit at 08.00 am or 17:30 pm. While for the night can come at 18:30 and 19:30. Because at that hour the sun is not too hot and the night view is good.

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